RENOWN: A Conference for MS & HS Students

Join us in March for  RENOWN.

RENOWN is designed to communicate the transforming truth of God’s Word to middle & high school students.  Come be a part of this encouraging event as discover how we can give a faithful witness to the resurrection and offer the world around us great hope.

You can register and get more info here.

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The Kingdom has Come in Christ

Luke2There are a handful of biblical passages that are read more often than others. Psalm 23, Matthew 28:19-20, John 3:16 all come to mind. But when December rolls around, it’s time for the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke to be heard. Our family attended the first Christmas party of the year last Saturday. I love Christmas parties. This one was very special. The food was amazing, but the people were best part of the day. Right after the meal and just before gifts were passed out, my friend read the Christmas story from Luke 2.

Now there’s no doubt that you’ve heard it read dozens of times. But when was the last time the you truly heard it? The Gospel of Luke is written with specific historical detail that should encourage every believer.


God, in His ultimate sovereignty, played a divine symphony through the events that ushered us to the birth of His One and Only begotten Son. There’s significance dripping from the pages at every turn that cries out to the redemption of the cross from the Creator and Father to bring His chosen people back to Him.

schreinerWell, this is not intended to be a commentary on the entire Gospel of Luke. But there’s a priceless opportunity for every student to go even deeper under the teaching of one of the most brilliant New Testament scholars of this day, Thomas Schreiner. Dr. Schreiner is the James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. he has authored several books that you can find here.

The Gospel Coalition and Southern Seminary are giving you the opportunity to earn up to six credit hours of transferable course credit  while attending the 2013 National Conference.

Check out the syllabus and read the interview with Dr. Schreiner here. Get registered for the class and don’t miss this GIANT opportunity to study with a scholar.

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Staying Connected…

This can be such an enjoyable time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful time. When you’re taking classes online, your schedules and internal pressures can reach an unhealthy high level. When pressures rise, where do you turn for relief? Many people use shopping, eating, the Internet, sleeping and often more reckless behavior to ease the stresses of life. I am as guilty as anyone and it mostly occurs when I have neglected the only relationship that can save.

Young people are no different than adults when it comes to handling the pressures of the Christmas season. Maybe you have seen how teenagers are truly a neglected and harassed demographic in our culture. Left alone, they do what any of us would do, they go their own way. (see Isaiah 53:6)

This month I am studying the book of Hosea. The stark truths of chapter one are convicting. The people of God went their own way and found themselves in a place where what was so wrong seemed so normal. It’s critical that we never find ourselves in a place where we don’t realize that something is wrong. That’s where the people of God found themselves and it would bring about dire consequences that would be reflected in the marriage between Hosea and Gomer. In the end, all of the things that God’s people turn to when the cultural pressures rise eventually lead them into sin and sin has vast consequences. It destroys relationships. That’s why we have Christmas and the Cross.


So, how can we stay close to God and be able to quickly identify when something is not right? The answer is the same as when you’re checking the Christmas lights. You only know things are right when you have the lights connected to the outlet. It’s a simple answer but it can also be difficult in stressful times. Stay connected! When we lose our connection to our heavenly Father, our relationship with him begins break. Consistent communication strengthens connection. Relationships must stay connected in order to grow. I want to encourage you to stay connected this week. I also want to admonish you to see hurting young people as needing a connection, both Christian and non-Christian young people.

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Bring a Parenting Expert to Your Church

This past year, God opened a door that has allowed me opportunities to encourage and equip youth leaders and parents of teenagers to become more faithful disciplers of teenagers. Last fall, we hosted the Re:invent Conference for youth & family ministry leaders. We held the event here at Southern Seminary. It was an exciting time for me personally. One of the highlights was getting to meet and spend time with Dr. Jim Burns. He is the President and Founder of Homeword. Homeword is the largest provider of youth & family conferences in the country. It has been my privilege to be listed as a conference presenter with Homeword since last Januray.

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Earn Up to Six Hours of Credit at D6 Conference This Fall


The D6 Conference is already one of the premier family ministry
conferences in North America, consistently equipping ministers and
parents for gospel-driven discipleship in their homes.

Now, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College have
partnered with D6 to offer an even deeper level of equipping at the D6
Conference: credit toward your bachelor’s or master’s degree. You can
attend the D6 Pre-Conference and Conference in Dallas, complete the
course requirements after the conference, and receive three hours of
undergraduate credit or up to six hours of graduate credit. Continue reading

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